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As a freelance graphic designer, multimedia design is a way of communicating a concept or information via a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Blue Ray, kiosk, usually in an interactive form. Television is a different type of multimedia design that is a non interactive form. Many different varieties of media, software and techniques are used in production. As a multimedia professional designer I am a skilled in manipulating images and information from a variety of sources including audio, video, still images, animation, physical objects, text, soundtracks and digital data using computer applications and related visual and sound techniques.

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Interactive Material Non - Interactive Material
  • CD Presentations
  • DVD Presentations
  • Kiosk
  • GUIs (Graphical User Interface)
  • PowerPoint Sildes (Digital)
  • TV Commericals
  • Flash Intros
  • Video Editing
  • Radio Commericals

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Multimedia Design

100% Satisfaction

Millennium Man Grafix promises satisfaction to all its clients. It rarely occurs that my clients come to me with complaints. I work 100% on every job leaving no room for amendments. I have excellent listening skills as a freelance graphic designer. My professionalism will ensure that you get the design that you are looking for.

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